Professional Mechanical Editing


$25 / hour

Proofreading is a form of mechanical editing that is often the very last step before you print or publish your work. It is your chance to catch any sneaky typos before your writing reaches your audience. This service includes:

  • Correcting grammar

  • Correcting typos

  • Correcting punctuation

  • Maintaining consistency with the style guide or house style

  • Correcting errors in typography and formatting

  • Verifying basic facts

  • A free round of minor revisions



$30 / hour

Copyediting is a deeper form of mechanical editing that still deals with grammar, word use, and punctuation, but also involves creating a style guide that can be applied to future work (books, marketing materials, blogs). This is an opportunity to establish stylistic choices and make them consistent throughout your writing. This service includes everything under proofreading and:

  • The creation of a style guide

  • Flagging inconsistencies in style

  • Flagging repetitious content, ambiguous word use, and awkward phrasing

  • Tracking continuity

  • Flagging potential libel and copyright issues

  • A free round of minor revisions

Patentability Search

Please inquire about rush, student, and nonprofit rates.


How It Works

Step One

Get a free 1,000 sample edit and quote by using the contact form to reach out and send me the project details or sample.

Step Two

I circle back to you with the completed sample edit, a quote, and a turnaround time for the project.

Step Three

You send me the full project in whichever file format is most convenient for you.

Step Four

When I have completed my edit, I will send back to you 2-3 documents depending on which level of editing you requested:

  1. An amended copy showing marks and changes

  2. A clean copy with all changes accepted

  3. A style guide, if the writing was copyedited


At this step, you may want to make some changes and resubmit, in which case I provide a free round of minor revisions at no additional cost!


Thanks for submitting!