Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a copy editor
or proofreader?

One of the goals of the editor is to create a frictionless reading experience for the audience. Nothing should stand in the way of your book or company getting out there, least of all minor typos that a reader might stumble over. Having a fresh set of eyes on your writing can illuminate errors that you might have missed. Sometimes, some of the best proofreading we do happens after we've already sent the e-mail. The editor acts as that set of eyes before your work is published or printed.

How do I know you won't interfere
with my voice / style / brand?

My highest priority is upholding your voice. The style guide will always be unique to you and structured to maintain your voice throughout the project. I will stay in communication about stylistic choices you may want to make and leave query notes instead of corrections where necessary. You are of course at liberty to reject any of my edits! And if it seems that our working styles are not suited to one another, I will happily recommend a trusted editor who may better serve you.

What will you use to copy edit or proofread?

This is actually at your discretion! I typically work in Microsoft Word, but I also have used Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat. After I provide you the sample edit, you may find that you have a strong preference (if you didn't already).

What is the turnaround time?

It varies! And depends on the following factors:

  • The type of service rendered

  • The length of the work

  • The type of work

  • If rush service has been requested

After working on the sample or discussing the project further with you, I will provide a project timeline and can guarantee prompt delivery!


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