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I’m Pooja, and I'm a professional proofreader and copy editor that's here to help you create your best work! My passion lies in collaborating with writers of every kind to polish their writing into a seamless reading experience for their readers or customers — all while meticulously maintaining their unique style, voice, and tone. Contact me below to get a free 1,000 word sample edit, so that we can figure out how best to work with each other!


Pooja did a great job editing my resume and cover letter to help me apply for future jobs. Her trained eyes focused in on all my grammar that needed fixing and made me sound professional in a way that I couldn't do myself. She was a big help in polishing both text and formatting in a modern, professional way. Pooja is also very knowledgeable about how ATS software is used by companies to hire people. I would definitely refer her to anyone who needs to update their resume and cover letter!

Joseph James Dinas, Events Professional



A Lighter Mechanical Edit

My proofreading service includes:

  • Correcting grammar

  • Correcting typos

  • Correcting punctuation

  • Maintaining consistency with the style guide or house style

  • Correcting errors in typography and formatting

  • Verifying basic facts

  • A free round of minor revisions


A Heavier Mechanical Edit

My copyediting service includes everything under proofreading and:

  • The creation of a style guide

  • Flagging inconsistencies in style

  • Flagging repetitious content, ambiguous word use, and awkward phrasing

  • Tracking continuity

  • Flagging potential libel and copyright issues

  • A free round of minor revisions


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